Smoke & Vape Shop

Smoke & Vape Shop, Burnaby, Vancouver,BC

One Stop Shop for All your Smoke, Vape and Extraction Needs.
(We are Currently Out of Stock of WhiteFox Pouch)

Pick N Pay Smokes & Vape store is a Corner store in a Burnaby area that specialises in Vaping Products ( Smok, Uwell, Vaporreso, Voopoo, Juul , Stlth, Relx , Penguin Stick, Stig, Juul compatible Pods, Logic, Vype, Relx i (3rd Generation), eJuice,Nic Salt ejuice,CBD oil, Kratom, Vape Coils and much more).
We are Particularly proud of our growing range of Vaporizers ( Pax 3, Pax 2, Arizer Solo II, Puffco Peak, Davinci, Volcano, Crafty, Mighty, Hydrology 9, Extream Q),Bongs, Water pipe, Dab Rigs,Hookah ,Shisha, Shisha Flavor with Nicotine, Digital Scale, Colts Snus, White fox Nicotine pouch ( Out of Stock), Rolling Paper, Blunt Paper, Detox Drinks, Butane, Tobacco Pipe, Kratom , Orange Chronic, Smok Odor Candle and all smoking accessories.

As a Corner store and Candy shop, we carry American Pops, Mexican Drinks, American and European Chocolates, Candies, Washable Designer mask , Nutrendz Native Design Bed set and Blanket and much more.